Paper bag history
Paper invention
The invention of paper was a real change in packaging. When this happened, of course, it was a long way from modern quality packages with logos to those primitive types of packaging. Mostly paper was used for letters, but it was she who, as a very flexible and ecologically clean material, is still one of the most widely used packaging.

The Chinese were the first to appreciate the practical properties of the paper, and even the 6th century wrapped presents in it. And only after almost 10 centuries, the paper packaging reached Europe. And gift bags familiar to all of us.They were invented in Great Britain, where they were given color to paper bundles and began to put images on them. The progenitor of the paper bag is considered to be the French invention. In the abbeys of France, paper glued into packages was decorated by nuns with beautiful paintings.

In England, in 1844, factory-made paper bags were first produced, where special automated machine tools were developed for their production. Gradually, the convenience of paper bags was appreciated by the whole world and in the 20th century such packaging began to be used quite widely, and no one remembered its past. Today, paper bags have become available everywhere.

Time flowed and a package of plain paper gradually improved, its density and, accordingly, its strength improved due to the use of multi-layer and corrugation. And in 1906, the first bag with handles appeared, which then caused a real sensation, because now you didn't have to carry stacks of bags with both hands - convenient handles allowed you to carry all the luggage in one hand.

Appearance of branding
For the first time they began to engage in advertising on paper bags in America, around the middle of the 20th century. Given the great popularity of such packaging, it became clear that the application of the name, slogan and logo of the company on the package is an excellent marketing tool. Improvement of printing technologies allowed decorating packages with colorful images that attracted the attention of customers. Among the large companies that were the first to use this type of advertising were Samsung, Bosch, Prada and many others. Orders for large batches of packages with logos made in accordance with the corporate styles of companies have become popular.

Today packages are made in different sizes, from different types of paper and are offered in a wide range that satisfies almost any need. They are released in huge editions, performing all sorts of marketing tasks. The price of paper packaging varies depending on many factors, but thanks to the possibility of choice, anyone can find the most suitable option for themselves among the variety of products on the market.
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