Company is the manufacturer of bioplastics in the form of disposable tableware and carrier bags. We has not only the capabilities to address the growing concerns of climate change; it is also cost and performance competitive to oil-based plastics and fibers.
Our Philosophy
We should all live in harmony with the environment in a sustainable manner. We believe that we can meet the demands of today without compromising our earth's resource if we stayed true to the ideology of sustainability.
Our Mission
We aim to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability, and encourage households and companies to adopt eco-friendly habits as part of our daily lives by offering affordable eco-friendly alternative to disposable tableware.
Do you know everything About Disposable Tableware?..
Disposables that are made from organic, natural materials like corn, reed grass and bagasse (sugar cane). These products come from annually renewable resources and are sustainable manufactured, non-toxic while in use and decompose back into the soil.
What actually does Biodegradable and Compostable mean?
The world of green, like any other industry, has its own language – for the person trying to make some environmentally changes to their life, it can get awfully confusing.
How to Recycle Plastic Food Containers?
Here Are Some Tips.
Recycling plastic seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, the reality is far more complicated than most people realize.
Let's have a look at the consumer's best friend – the shopping bag. How has the basic brown sack evolved into its more sustainable counterpart through the years?
Brush With Bamboo
The best sustainably grown, naturally anti-microbial, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with soft BPA-free bristles.
Paper bag history
The invention of paper was a real change in packaging. When this happened, of course, it was a long way from modern quality packages with logos to those primitive types of packaging.
A history of origin
In place of the most common material - plastic - comes bioplastic.